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HOD's Name : Deepak Stapati.T | Email : | Contact : 9886065638

  • Information Science
  • Welcome to Information Science
  • Welcome to Information Science

The need to remain on the cutting edge is increased by developments in science and technology on the one hand, and by society's need for access to information on the other. With the fast-paced and prolific advancement in technology, the demand for information professionals grows exponentially with practically all type of Industries, government, and healthcare agencies and virtually any type of business, seeking people who can effectively and efficiently manage information and technology.

Information science and Engineering Department was established in the year 1980-1981 with an intake of 40 students and today the strength is at 60 students, producing graduates capable of providing professional services in the gathering, organizing, accessing, repackaging and managing information as a valuable resource.

Our curriculum and research activities are focused on people, their information needs, and the technology to manage such information. As society has access to an escalating amount of available information, corporations and organizations need highly trained professionals to manage this information and its access. Our faculty, staff, and students all work to address the challenges of managing a valuable resource— information and are dedicated to the building of a global society with access to reliable and useful information.

Our department has well-experienced, trained, skilled, knowledgeable and enthusiastic faculty members with excellent professional backgrounds. We are equipped with sophisticated infrastructure facilities such as Digital libraries, classrooms with projectors, laboratories, internet and Wi-Fi.

Our graduates have the skills and knowledge to help advance society through effective use and management of information and are placed in reputed companies such as Google, IBM, Wipro, Skypro.